Any rain system or pipes for roof?

Dear Jeff,
I have a question regarding any rain system or pipes for roof?
Dear Malgorzata,
Thanks for your enquiry on Canofix canopy.
1. Guttering system to collect rain:
Canofix canopy has a front tube bar. In case of collecting rain, you can cut out the upper part of the tube,
then the front bar itself can be a gutter as shown in the attached picture.
But if long sizes above 4m, we recommend you can place your own gutter to the front end of the canopy bracket.
Because the front bar has connectors in the middle, from which, in order to protect a slight dripping issue, you can screw your own PVC gutter together with a small gutter bracket to screw into the canopy bracket in the front end.
Please find some pictures attached for your reference.
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