Experience Unmatched Length with Our 30-Metre Long Polycarbonate Cantilever Canopies

Elevate your outdoor space with CANOFIX® - the ultimate solution in polycarbonate cantilever canopies. Our lightweight, easy-to-install, and durable canopies are uniquely designed to accommodate bespoke sizes up to a remarkable 30 metres long in a single sheet, making them perfect for large-scale projects.
📏 Extraordinary Length: Stand out with our impressive 30-metre long canopies, offering extensive coverage for your outdoor spaces.
🔧 Customizable Setup: Enjoy the flexibility of our canopies, featuring up to 1.5 meters deep from the wall and an adjustable bracket system to position your canopy exactly where you need it.
💡 Versatile Applications: Perfect for large covered walkways, expansive carports, outdoor shelters, and more, our 30-metre canopies provide the ultimate protection and style for your space.
Transform your outdoor area with the unparalleled length and quality of CANOFIX® cantilever canopies. Order today and experience the exceptional coverage of our 30-metre long canopies!
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