Innovative Design Meets Practicality: The Canofix Canopy with Built-in Gutter


When we think about door canopies, we often picture a simple overhang that provides shelter from the weather. But what if your door canopy could offer something more? Enter the Canofix Canopy – where design ingenuity meets practicality.

A Gutter in Disguise

 Imagine a door canopy that doesn't just protect you from the elements but also cleverly manages rainwater. That's exactly what the Canofix Canopy does with its front tube that serves a dual purpose as a gutter. This hollow design element is not just a testament to the canopy's sleek appearance but also a functional innovation that foregoes the need for an external gutter.

 Maintenance Made Easy

 Simplicity is key to the Canofix Canopy design. The top of the front aluminum bar is designed for ease, allowing for "tin-cutting" removal – a feature clearly demonstrated in our step-by-step installation videos. This hassle-free approach ensures that maintenance is a breeze, allowing for straightforward cleaning and upkeep.

 Customizable Water Drainage Solutions

 While the built-in gutter system is a standout feature, there are times when additional water management may be needed. For these instances, the Canofix Canopy offers the flexibility to add an extra gutter or a down-pipe. The design accommodates a standard connector with an external diameter of 38mm (internally 35.5mm), making it versatile for various setups.

It's important to note that while the Canofix Canopy is engineered for ease and flexibility, it does not come with extra PVC drainage down pipes – a deliberate choice to allow for customization and personal preference.

The Canofix Advantage

 The Canofix Canopy isn't just a doorway accessory; it's a smart investment into the functionality and aesthetics of your home or business. It’s an embodiment of our commitment to innovative solutions that enhance your living or workspace.

Discover how the Canofix Canopy can redefine your approach to outdoor shelter and water drainage. For more information on our products and to view our installation guides, visit us at

Experience the future of door canopies with Canofix – where every detail is designed with your convenience in mind.

Browse our collection today and find the ideal canopy for your needs.

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