Obstacles To Installation

A Question From A Customer:
"We have air conditioning pipes running down the wall to the ‘unit’. I note one of your images has a soil pipe, so clearly this issue can be accommodated, but can you tell me how please? Would the poly sheet need to be cut prior to supply, or would I need to cut it to fit during installation? Also how would the canopy be sealed around these pipes?"
Our Answer:
Cutting around the sheet for the downpipe on the wall should be always managed on site. We cannot do pre-cutting obviously. It has to be cut on site precisely measured. Once you fit the sheet around the pipe to the wall, you can place flashband or actually one of my professional builder-customer said below:
" If you are unable to get to the top of the canopy after fitting then I suggest fitting it to the pipe first. leave it a bit higher so you can still fit the plastic roof sheet. Then use pliers to pull it down to the canopy from underneath. It needs to but up against the wall and ensure it is slightly leaning away from the wall so that the rain water does not pool behind the pipe and the wall. To get the pliers in the gap you will need a gap around the pipe of maybe around 30mm."
Do you have similar obstacles to installation?
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